Kościeleckich Square is one of the most important places in Bydgoszcz.

It was here that almost 1,000 years ago the town walls started. Near that place, in the 14th century, king Casimir the Great built a castle surrounded by a moat. Bydgoszcz has always been an important place on the trading routes of Renaissance Poland. The Swedish invasion and Prusian Partitions have contributed to a considerable destruction of the city and the castle, which had been destructed in the course of the wars, and then was completely pulled down.

Kościeleckich Square, however, has not lost its commercial, business character and has remained to function as a meeting place. The connection between the Old Market with the Protestant Church by Magdzińskiego Street, along which at the beginning of the 20th century a modern market hall was built, turned Kościeleckich Square into a centre of commerce in Bydgoszcz. Business has become the symbol of the square.

This location is undoubtedly an advantage of IMMOBILE K 3. Close to the most important institutions of public administration, banks, hotels, schools of higher education and in the vicinity of various cultural institutions.

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