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Another tenant at Plac Kościeleckich 3

Last week in Immobile K3 a ceremonial opening of the Bydgoszcz headquarters of one of the leading IT companies in our country took place. Coming from France, Sii is a leading provider of IT services and industrial engineering in Poland. Currently, 40 people are employed in Bydgoszcz, but the team is to be systematically enlarged. In the first stage, Sii Polska has leased 500 sq m and further expansion is planned in the building at Paliec Kościelckich3. The ceremony was attended by the vice-president of Bydgoszcz Michał Sztybel, the president of the Bydgoszcz Regional Development Agency Edyta Wiwatowska, the head of Sii Poland Gregoire Nitot and the president of the Capital Group IMMOBILE S.A. Rafał Jerzy. Sii is another tenant who has decided to locate in an office building. Currently, the Immobile K3 operates: the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, AVIVA, BOŚ, Bank mFinance and BNP Paribas. Arrangement works are underway at the new La Rosa restaurant - another project by restaurateurs of the popular Karafka in Bydgoszcz.

Elevation on IMMOBILE K3

Intensive works on the assembly of facade elements on our building are underway. We publish a short film about the operation of the device supporting glazing assembly.

Topping out ceremony at IMMOBILE K3

The official topping out ceremony was held on 8 February 2018 at 3 Plac Kościeleckich once the works on the shell of the building had been completed. The list of invitees included The Mayor of the City of Bydgoszcz Rafał Bruski, the Chairman of  IMMOBILE S.A. Holding Rafał Jerzy, architect Karol Fiedor, representatives of the IMMOBILE S.A. companies, representatives of the media and collaborating companies, Holding’s employees and the heroes of the event – construction workers and inspectors.  

Apart from participating in the topping out ceremony, it was possible to see the samples of the facade on the eastern wall of the building. These installed pieces of glass, aluminium, sandstone let us spot how impressive IMMOBILE K3 will be once it is made available for use.

According to the Fat Thursday tradition, all participants were invited to donuts at the end of the meeting.

The next great ceremony to take place is the opening of the office building – planned for the summer of 2018. We invite you to watch a film from that ceremony.

The facade of IMMOBILE K3 ready soon

The opening ceremony of the modern office building in the very heart of the city is coming closer and closer. The shell of the building has just been completed. 10 thousand cubic metres of concrete and almost 1,300 tonnes of reinforcing steel have been used to build the structure. We present the latest news from the construction site.

Another photojournalism

The construction of Immobile K3 has many observers and fans from the beginning. The latest pictures from our site have appeared. We invite you to watch

and thank the editor.

Summer months are conducive to construction work.

Immobile K3 is growing higher and higher. The construction team maximizes the use of atmospheric conditions. Current photos can be seen in our Gallery.

News from the construction site – March 2017

The construction of two levels of the underground car parks did not allow to fully recognise that our construction works are progressing as planned. Currently the formation of the subsequent storeys can be observed more clearly.

A sharp-eyed observer

Information on the progress of works related to Immobile K3 office building is systematically reported in local and national media. Here is a photo report published on Bydgoszcz w budowie blog, which we have chosen due to its author’s great passion and thoroughness in observing the city.

An archaeological conference

On 27th of October 2016 Anna Retkowska and Robert Grochowski, representatives of the companies responsible for the excavation works, announced the results of the four-month archaeological research conducted on the IMMOBILE K3 office building construction site.

Large numbers of relics, mainly related to modern but also late medieval settlement in Bydgoszcz, were acquired. There are mostly fragments of ceramic vessels dated back to the period from the 15th century and continuing into the early 20th century. The research works on the construction site have been finished, however, they are still being continued in archaeological and dendrochronological workplaces. The results of the works constitute an important element for the reconstruction of the history linked with the borough on the Brda River. The fragments of the archaeological works are presented in Gallery.

Currently, actions related to the completion of earth works and execution of the subsequent stages of the foundation slab, which will take up about 180 tons of reinforcement and 1600 m3 of concrete, are being carried out on the IMMOBILE K3 construction site. Sanitary fittings, so called underfloor unit, are carried out concurrently with the execution of ferroconcrete works. The first of the two cranes has been mounted, on a permanent anchor, to work on the construction site. The construction of staircase walls and lift shafts on level -2 has also been started.

Archeological works in progress

Currently at the construction site of IMMOBILE K3 archeological works are under way. Two companies from Bydgoszcz are responsible for the excavations ordered by the Investor: Anna Rekowska's Aureus and Robert Grochowski's CASTRUM. The works are carried out in accordance with the instructions by the Provincial Supervisor for Historic Buildings and according to the schedule of CDI Konsultanci Budowlani S.A.

Laying down of a foundation stone

On 8th June 2016 Foundation Act of the Construction of the IMMOBILE K3 Office Building was laid down at 3, Kościeleckich Square in Bydgoszcz. The ceremony was attended by Rafał Bruski, mayor of the city of Bydgoszcz, Rafal Jerzy, President of the Board of IMMOBILE S.A. Capital Group, Sławomir Winiecki, Vice-President of the Board of IMMOBILE S.A. Capital Group, Piotr Fortuna, Member of the Board, representatives of companies belonging to IMMOBILES S.A. Capital Group, Karol Fiedor, architect, representatives of the Church and public utility institutions of Bydgoszcz, mass media as well as employees responsible for the investment implementation. We invite you to watch a film from that ceremony.